It’s about connecting you to care.

Insurance Assistance

When you’re navigating insurance, it helps to have an experienced guide. Your NPS Advantage Care Coordinator will work with you to confirm authorizations and benefit approvals for NPS therapies and help you resolve health insurance issues you may face. If you need assistance with your copay or don’t have insurance, we can help you identify sources of assistance.

Benefits Verification

Will your insurance company cover your NPS therapy? We’ll check into it for you. We’ll also find out if you can expect copayments or out-of-pocket expenses.

If there are challenges with your insurance coverage, we can help navigate these issues and can file an appeal if necessary. Your Care Coordinator is a specialist at understanding the reimbursement process and can work with you to gather the necessary information and fill out the required forms.

Copay Assistance

If you have insurance but need assistance with out-of-pocket expenses, you may be eligible for a variety of assistance programs.

We can:

  • Connect you to organizations that may provide assistance
  • Guide you through the process of filling out forms
  • Help you follow up on the status of your application

Product Access Program

If you are uninsured or have insurance that does not cover your therapy, you may be eligible for our product access program. Your Care Coordinator will help you determine whether you meet the financial criteria for the program. We will also work with you to locate other possible sources of financial assistance. We’re committed to helping you explore all of the options available to give you access to the therapy your doctor has prescribed.

Insurance Resources

The following organizations provide information and assistance that may be helpful for those who have insurance concerns. This list is provided for your convenience. It’s not a complete list of insurance resources and does not represent endorsement by NPS Pharmaceuticals.

Financial Assistance

General Information