It’s about connecting your patients to care.
It’s about assistance with reimbursement.
It’s about providing customized support.

Support for You, Your Practice and Your Patients

Your NPS Advantage Care Coordinator provides comprehensive support with a single point of contact, at no charge.

Just call 855-TEAM NPS (855-832-6677). We’re here to help streamline the reimbursement process for NPS therapies and assist you in connecting your patients to care.

Reimbursement and Insurance

Your Care Coordinator will work with you to simplify access to the NPS therapy you prescribe for your patients, assisting you with:

  • Benefits verification
  • Prior authorization processes
  • Coverage appeals

Copay Support

If your patients have insurance but need assistance with out-of-pocket expenses, we can connect them to organizations that may be able to help. We can also guide your patients through the process of filling out forms and help you follow up on applications.

Financial Assistance

If you have patients who are uninsured, they may be eligible for a variety of programs that offer financial assistance. We’ll explore the options available to help your patients access the NPS therapies you prescribe.

Connecting Care

NPS Advantage can also support your patients and your practice by serving as a central point of contact for specialty pharmacy services, drug delivery and coordination of care.

We can provide educational resources for you and your patients, answer questions related to NPS products and coverage, and connect your patients to additional resources and support.

To reach a Care Coordinator, call 855-TEAM NPS (855-832-6677) or request that we contact you.